As a classic music concert promoter, it is our biggest joy to introduce talented musicians to Breinton members. It is also our absolute pleasure to give a performing platform to young musicians who are exploring opportunities and boundaries – performing at Breinton, in such an intimate environment, is somewhat unique and perhaps new to many such performers. This evening’s musicians, cellist Jamal Aliyev and pianist Jâms Coleman, were those budding young musicians with an immense future possibility.

From the dark, glowing sound from deep within, suffusing with the haunting spiritual outcry of Bloch, highly melodic lines of Beethoven’s unpretentious beauty, empowering lyricism with hints of atonality of Bridge, to tremendously controlled and fun-kicked Paganini, the tonality and sonority produced from Jamal’s gut strings changed shape and appearance at their own will, conveying the acute nuance of every piece in the most convincing manner. This was completed by pianist Jâms, natural with our Yamaha and gifted with the ability of precise decision-making with sounds, who caught the right signal and momentum from Jamal, and tossing it back to him.

This evening’s programme of Bloch, Beethoven, Bridge and Paganini contained a full-package of varied elements and ticked all the boxes of enjoyment; virtuosity, musicality, lyricism, and spirituality. The encore was Massenet’s Meditation from Opera Thais; lovely and lingering.

All Jamal’s CDs were sold, many members left looking content and happy, and many stayed on to talk to the musicians. Another excellent evening – our season is passing fast, one more soirée to go for this season!