What a fabulous duo they were – I must say those who could not make this recital missed a lot. Huw and Tim brought us such a delightful evening of enjoyable music and informative talks. I have received many enthusiastic comments from the attendees, thank you!

A lot of people wondered what the trumpet sound level would be like. Generally speaking, when we think of this instrument, we tend to think that it produces ear-piercing, loud and metallic sounds and is most associate it with marching band music. What a misconception! Huw's playing was nothing like that; it was highly musical, lyrical, expressive and gentle.

Their programme was really interesting. It consisted of such diverse and contrasting pieces, from Baroque to Modern. Huw played the piccolo trumpet for Torelli"s Sonata. This sonata was played as introductory music before church mass, just like an overture comes before an opera. Oskar Lindberg"s Old Tune from Dalecarlia was breath-taking. It was emotional, expressive and moving. Great Romanian composer Enesco"s Légende came next. Huw commented that this piece included absolutely everything a trumpet could do '“ and surely it was impressive. Huw had this amazing control over the instrument and the sounds were great. What I loved most about this piece was the beginning; beautiful and somewhat nostalgic chords were introduced by the piano, and the trumpet joined with heart-touching melody. Tim"s piano was absolutely brilliant! The next piece, Olga Neuwirth"s Laki for solo trumpet was full of fun. Huw displayed so many varieties of sounds, which entertained all the audience. This was followed by the piano solo, Schumann"s Arabesque. Tim"s interpretation was different from what I used to '“ much slower and much more cautious, but exceptionally touching. My dear neighbour Adrian, who is very knowledgeable and a keen pianist himself, pointed out that Schumann was already distressed and depressed when he composed it, and that Tim expressed this feeling really well. The first half concluded another beautiful piece, Schumann"s Adagio and Allegro. Tim used the flugelhorn to play it. The beginning of Adagio was heavenly, with such lyrical and musical melody. I love Schumann, he left many great compositions but this one definitely is added to my favourite Schumann works.


I was completely satisfied with the first half, but to my surprise the second half was even better! Shchedrin"s A la Albéniz was an exciting piece. The duo worked together in perfect collaboration. I loved Tim"s piano as much as Huw"s trumpet part. The next piece, Sonata by Danish composer Thorvald Hansen was a kind of salon music, and it suited perfectly to our Society! And, Gershwin"s Someone to Watch over Me was truly awesome. It had one hundred percent wow factor. Tim played two pieces arranged by Rachmaninov while giving Huw a break, which I enjoyed thoroughly listening to. Another impressive piece, Höhne"s Slavische Fantasie concluded the evening. I would give 10 out of 10 for this recital, what do you think?

PS. I was wondering how many different types of trumpet Huw would bring. I picked up Huw and Tim at Woking station, and let me tell you, I can spot them from miles away as they were carrying boxes of Huw"s instruments! I guess Tim must serve as a bag carrier as well as an accompanist whenever they play together!


  • Albinoni: Concerto in B-flat major Op. 7 No. 3
  • Oskar Lindberg: Andante - Gammel Fäbodpsalm FrÃ¥n Dalarna
  • Georges Enesco: Légende
  • Olga Neuwirth: Laki for solo trumpet
  • Schumann: Arabesque in C major, Op. 18
  • Schumann: Adagio & Allegro in A-flat major Op. 70
  • Shchedrin: A la Albéniz
  • Thorvald Hansen: Sonata for Trumpet & Piano in E-flat major Op. 18
  • George Gershwin: Someone to Watch Over Me (from 'Oh Kay!')
  • Three Pieces arr. Rachmaninov
  • Carl Höhne: Slavische Fantasie

Huw Morgan

Since becoming Brass Winner of the BBC Young Musician 2006, Huw Morgan has appeared in concert and recital throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Born in South Wales in 1987 and educated at Chetham"s School of Music, he graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. Huw is the youngest ever winner of both the International Trumpet Guild Solo and Orchestral competitions, and in 2010 scooped both the Wind Section Award and Philip Jones Memorial Prize at the Royal Overseas League Annual Music Competition.        Read more.

Timothy End

Timothy End. graduated with a first class honours degree in Music from King"s College, London in 2006 before beginning Postgraduate study in Piano Accompaniment at the Royal Academy of Music, where he gained the prestigious DipRAM award for an outstanding recital in 2008. A multiple first-prize winner, Timothy was awarded the Parnell Award for an Accompanist at the ROSL Annual Music Competition in 2010. In November Timothy was awarded the Gerald Moore Award for Piano Accompaniment at the Henry Wood Hall in London.        Read more.