After two consecutive, breathtaking piano recitals this autumn, we were overjoyed to welcome the stunning violin and piano repertoire of the Foyle-Štšura Duo. This well-established duo met while studying at the prestigious Royal College of Music, and has since performed over 200 concerts together.

The program began with the delightful Mozart Violin Sonata, whose lighthearted simplicity and beautiful tone sent the audience into a joyful state. The drastic contrast came with Schumann's Sonata No. 1 - according to Michael, Schumann was asked to compose a sonata that would have the same impact as Beethoven's Kreuzer Sonata, but in half the length. I was entranced by the passion and intensity the Duo brought to these agitated passages, as if they were reaching out for something just beyond their grasp.

It is rare to come across chamber musicians who perform without sheet music, but the Foyle-Stsura Duo's performance was truly gripping. Their rendition of Faure's Violin Sonata showcased their ability to project their sounds directly to the audience and convey their musical expressions without any obstructions. I was completely drawn in by the seductive beauty of Faure's Sonata, and was moved to tears by the exquisite moments in the second movement, where the violin and piano leaned on and wept with each other and the audience.

And just when we thought the evening couldn't get any better, the duo brought us to a quivering halt with the utter beauty of Apres du Reve. With this, Soirees at Breinton 2022 came to a fitting and emotional end.